Lets get it started in here

Hello my darlings! Many of you follow me already over on my Instagram @ashleyeatsclean & if you don’t, then that’s too bad for you. Just kidding 😉 but really, go click follow.
I asked around if people thought I should make a blog and I got a lot of positive feed back. So here I am, your one & only


A lot of people are curious as to what I do for my workouts because I don’t have a gym membership yet. So I thought I’d share with you a mainly bodyweight chest & tricep workout I did yesterday that left me SO sore today! I LOVE it!
3×30 wide push-ups
3×20 tricep push-ups
3×20 tricep dips
3×20 close push-ups
3×15 single overhead standing tricep extension (resistance bands)

Wahh I’m so shaky! I did this circuit style, going through the whole thing once, then twice and one more time. No supersets for once.
I then finished with 30 minutes on the treadmill. I tried something different; running on incline! Holy sweat feast. I kept my heart rate above 160 the whole time! I ran 10 minutes on incline, then 10 on normal at a faster pace, then 10 on incline again. It feels so good to change up my workout.
Seeeeee guys, who says you need a gym?!
Now I’m off to watch some criminal minds then hit shoulders & abs!
I’ll be sure to do a more efficient post later! 😘


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