Cardio & abs

Many of you wonder what i do workout wise at home. So i figured ill be sharing with you my daily workouts, the at least the ones that seem to work best!

This morning called for a quick cardio and abs circuit before school.

Get your interval timer out, there are plenty of free apps!

Preform 50 seconds on 10 seconds rest for each exercise back to back. I did went through the whole circuit 3x! 

  1. Mountain climbers
  2. In & outs
  3. Plank walks
  4. Burpees
  5. Left side plank
  6. Right side plank
  7. Jump squats
  8. V-abs
  9. Magazine pikes
  10. Drop squats
  11. Reptile oblique crunches
  12. Tuck jumps

Phew! 36 minutes down, 18 to go! Already a sweaty mess!

Okay, for the next circuit, i also did 3 rounds, 50 seconds on, 10 second rest.

  • Squats – ASSS OUT & DOWN!
  • Box/chair jumps
  • Plank
  • Sumo Ass out donkey kicks
  • Opposite toe cross touches
  • 2x walking push ups, 6x mountain climbers


If you arnt sure of any of the exercises, just Google them. A lot of them are from but you should be able to find them all. If not, just ask 🙂


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